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Monday, May 15, 2006

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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The Roots Project has begun to make the influence of the blogosphere felt through off-line actions. We have called local radio shows, written letters to the editor, delivered rubber stamps to Arlen Specter, and met with our representatives in Congress. Every day, Roots Project groups around the country are developing new tactics that will become the playbook for open source lobbying. FireDogLake has announced the next Roots Project action, one that I've been helping put together!

It's time to invite the Democrats in Washington to join OUR party. What better introduction to the netroots to provide our representatives with than Jerome Armstrong and Markos Moulistas Zuniga's Crashing the Gate. It is our hope that by introducing politicians to the blogosphere through Crashing the Gate, they will become more open to and more cognizant of the role blogs now play in American political discourse -- and how we're becoming a stronger force every day.

The Roots Project is going to hand delivery a copy of Crashing the Gate to every Democrat in the House and Senate on behalf of everyone who believes our elected representatives should be aware of the importance of people-powered politics.

What we need you to do is to donate a copy of Crashing the Gate by following this link (link removed, we've succeeded!). Politics & Prose, an independent bookstore in DC, has agreed to sell the book to us at a 37% discount. Once 245 copies of the book have been donated, we'll take them directly to our representatives.

We also need volunteers to help us deliver the books. If you're interested in helping out with the delivery, please email "jay AT ackroyd.org". You can also IM on AIM at the screenname MattFreeTibet.


Terre has posted the announcement at DailyKos. Please go recommend the diary so we can get more visibility.

Update 2

Success! At 4:45pm Politics and Prose informed us that all 250 copies of CTG that we needed have been donated. Thanks to any Emboldened readers that took part in this action.


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